Sh3lzy – Lungs_collapse
Genre Pop


Lungs_collapse lyrics


Playing beats on my phone
Coz I always feel alone, and there's no one there to help me
Maybe someday I'll get somewhere
But for now, I just don't see it happening
If nothing is moving, then what the heck is happening?
What is going with my life, why does this keep happening
Coz sh3lzy's got their own life filled with their own strife
I've got no ideas, I don't know how to please you

I've got no
I've got no
Friends at school
Friends at school
You're all looking at me
But what the hell did I do?
My lungs are falling into bits
Why are you laughing at me
When I can't even f^cking breathe
What the hell do you want from me
Do you just like my pain, or am I just going insane?
I don't know anymore
Don't like me, just walk out the door
What am I supposed to do
How do I make myself new?
What am I supposed to do
I can't even make myself new

What am I supposed to do
If I can't feel good with you?
What are we supposed to do
If I can't even trust you?
You're not supposed to make me cry
As you laugh at me, I've got a tear in my eye

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