Sex On The Brain – Questionmark Asylum
Genre Rap

Sex On The Brain

"The music just turns me on"


Ee ya ya ya ooh ya
Ee ya ya, ee ya ya

Verse 1

I got sex on the brain I don't be faking it
I know you're feeling the same that's why you're shaking it
But you try to deny you play fly
I know you girls like it as much as I so I
Have to think of another line to retaliate
Talking about I like honey on my pancakes
You don't hear me though
I guess you don't care
Acting like it's nothing across your mind but looky here
[You gotta give booty to somebody
Why not give it to me?
[You gotta give booty to somebody
If not me, kick it to my man V
See, when it's feeling good you maybe don't even thank me
I've been a naughty naughty boy just spank me
I like it fat when I'm hitting it from the back
And now it's on your brain you bad pussycat

Hook] {x2

Ee ya ya ya ooh ya
Ee ya ya, ee ya ya
Ee ya ya ya ooh ya
Ee ya ya, ee ya ya
You got sex on the brain

[Verse 2: Rosta Swann

It's like ring around the rosey
Mother never told me that I'd think of things like this
It's sexual, edible, intellectual
Twist your body like pretzel
The afro civilians then aphrodisiacs
Wish to kick game even though see me pack
Yes Lord word to bond the Swann is the don
Come down yeah
Free your mind and your booty will follow
It's so hot it'll make you lose your marbles
Jump your bones like hopscotch
Move your hind parts
Will the glow, sho' nuff I'm the mascot
Trust in the funk deep enough to crack plastic
Just imagine, just imagine
Cake full of panties, booty on the griddle
Looking so delicious as I butter her biscuits


Verse 3

Ayo sex in the 90's, ayo do the right thing
If she's gotta have it, protect your ting a ling a ling
The lust, the lust it burns like fire
Burning eternal of my infernal of desire
She walks out with a gap and it wasn't between her teeth
See baby read my mind and she couldn't believe that ah
Yeah and ya don't stop
It's like that with the coochie pop



Check it out your name is Mistafiss
And his name is Rosta Swann
And his name is Ding Ding
His name is Digge Dom
He is the manager V
I am the super producer V
I'm chilling with my crew from the Ville
Sex on the brain kids chill


Oooh you nasty, I'ma tell my mama
Oooh you nasty, I'm tell yo' mama
It's the Q&A, sex on the brain

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