Sewerperson – 16
Genre Rap


16 lyrics

I don’t even dream no
I dont even get sleep
I done hopped enough that now its nightmares that excite me
I seen dietys and floored em with a high knee
My shoulders carry weight she should be certified to ride me
Even when shit heavy I can breath im like a tech fleece
I spit out my thoughts and move the crowd just like a chess piece
I let the tag play then I proceed
I known plenty folks who could’ve grabbеd screens
Last I would expect would have to bе me
But here I am in 4k display hd
Tryna make my mama proud that she had me
Its in my DNA I told y’all that in 22
Im a different mind im angry and all I see is blue
U might be nasty but I promise no one smelling you
If you ain't gon tell urself then who the fuck is telling you

Rain cements the last of my coffin
Droplets trickle down to my body
Green leaves sprout anew from my mummy
When will the dice fall to my hand
Power is rough and I like it
Chasing the most uninviting
The rich die before they role tyrant
Nowadays the back burner seem warmer than it was
Enemies once guised as friends run amuck
I learned how to mask it with smiles and it stuck
Im the clown that’s given up

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