You're-you're-you're so fucking ruthless
This shit givin' me a fuckin' headache
Ayy, ayy, ayy


Ever since a youngin', hittin' licks is all I know
up in my water when I get kicked out my home
But I'll end up with your daughter 'cause I stay up in my zone
And I ain't leavin' empty-pocket, it's too hot, turn off the stove
Why you pussies say you with it when you beggin' for the growth?
Satan who I'm racin', pop a Seroquel up in my dome
Bitch, I'm wasted and my basement feelin' like the catacombs
And you can't tell where I be standin', 'cause I don't know what I'm on
think I'm a
Smoked like a cig, I ain't talkin' botanical
Up in this shit, runnin' up likе an animal
Up in your bitch, eat it up like a cannibal
Bitch, I ain't sweet but she drink all my Danimal
Lowеrcase C, I'm behind you, no camera roll
Breakin' your spleen 'cause you know I'm on capital
I am so clean
Press like a bean, said "Fuck" to my dreams
Glock be unleashin', bustin', pop for the team
I used to ball like 23
I'm off the clock, she on her knees
Send 80 shots, feel like Kobe
I'll make you walk with no
I am so heavenly, all of these bitches is dead to me
Heard you an enemy, I ain't no enemy, came from my energy
, I have perfect symmetry
I am the
Workin' on errands since I got a
Get out of my mind, just erase all my memories



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