SELF REFLECT – Human Error
Genre Pop


Feat. Cristal, Myra

Verse 1wilson

That damn wolf cried home calling me a theft
He told me it's dangerous but I moved the same way stressed
Deftly with each step I take
I ran my hands through what’s left of the year
Hit my thumb nailing the coffin shut
I shed a tear with with respect, I lost touch to those near
Now I'm regaining trust just to make it clear
This is love no lust, I brush the dust off of old problems
Hoping 2020 feels a little less rushed


A little less rushed
A little less rushed
A little less rushed

Verse 2William

Since day one try to stay strong
Think about what I did wrong
Sometimes I'm singing a swan song
Back and forth like ping pong, shit
All alone in my thoughts I’m a amidst
Bad feelings that I'm tryna resist
At home but I feel homesick
In my own body I wanna evict
Far in the future I always predict
Ain't ready I don't wanna admit
Miss the good days now I just reminisce
Dropped people will they ever forgive?
All the damage they inflict
Reverse and leave me adrift
Try to switch gears, but my big fear is that they'll all forget

Verse 3Cristal

Decades almost over, just one blink and it's all gone
Can't bring back the days when I was playing in my lawn
Switch up the beat, hold up a minute
Can't understand, why it is ending
Friends come and go, you already know
My brodies stay for the show
Moving to slow, they helped me grow
They played my brain like four in a row
A simple game, my effort was low
I took the blame to find my way home
Now I’m sitting on the bus with no headphones
Now I’m sitting with my thoughts all alone

Verse 4Avi

Wanted to back to you, cause I got all attached
And it's not your fault it’s my actions that
Made you walk past it
But now I just wanna talk
Just a small interaction
Bring me back to the first day
Where we weren't even on first base
I felt there was something that wasn't there in the first place
That made my heart shake like an earthquake
Brought me joy like no school on a Thursday
Now it hurts mane, I might need a first aid
Just think of me whenever this verse plays

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