SeeYouSpaceCowboy... – The Romance of Affliction
Genre Rock

The Romance of Affliction

Shed your second skin
It was always too much for you
Let the poison in
Crave the pain and lose control

If the body aches
Your mind might drift away for a long time
Is it asking too much
For one last taste when seeking shelter?

Will this last all night?
Pretend that nothing happened

I won't make it through this time
When it called out so sweetly
I've embraced the veil so
Don't cry when I say

Angel, I don't hear you
Glistening, it's the same solace in my vein
The cherubs are singing, my vision is blurring
Oh please take me on your wings

One last chance for us
To replace all these things that take a hold
So survive, hold on till the end
Take it all back tonight
I never wished for you to see me like this
Sunk in the blissful agony
I won't make you choose
Don't give up
I can hear them calling me, I can hear them calling me home

Fly home like a wounded dove
The way you say goodnight
Oh it takes the life from me
Cause I'm tired of feeling useless, and I'm scared of doing this again

I've given all that was left of me
I can hear them calling me home
I've seen the pain your eyes
Don't let me bring you down here too

It was always too much for you
You know we've tried everything
But I'm still lost at sea
It was always too much for you

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