SeeYouSpaceCowboy... – Sharpen What You Can
Genre Rock

Sharpen What You Can

Feat. Shaolin G

Cut through me with good intention
Safe disdain, claws are coming out

Can't stop their righteous gain, don't you want to be saved?
Precious thought, no content
Step out right or test their patience

And they'll come still bearing down
So bite their hand and scream out


Snap the chains and breathe
Stand for everything you love

Reclaim your fate
Those hollow hearts that keep calling to end the beauty [Are you listening?
Of self expression instilled in ourselves
So bleed your substance until the end

This life is such a merrily game, but they play only by their rules
No, I'm not perfect, neither are you
Just do what I'm told? I cannot pursue
Cause I am my own, and living my truth

We never granted
We sever the losses

Anyone could be anything they desire
Keep climbing and go beyond
All the voice that fuel the fire

I wish that I listened sooner
The pressure was getting higher
No way can I keep intentions
For those never

Saving me
Break down the walls, everything
Dismantle pain
Show your strength

Anyone could anything
Play for keeps
This is my virtue, my belief

Break down the walls, everything

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