SeeYouSpaceCowboy... – Life as a Soap Opera Plot, 26 Years Running
Genre Rock

Life as a Soap Opera Plot, 26 Years Running

You said no, this isn't your intentions painted on a mask
I can't tell who is staring back at me
Actors to your marks, let's start again
I can't decide how it will end [ I can't think of a fitting end]

Nothings precious, but wait
Every single step I take, I'm looking for a new escape
No, don't say I'm still the same

Save my soul [Don't say my name
I've tasted everything
Your gaze, your touch, yet I'm still in my grave

Cross-stitch through my head, poor patchwork
Pull the thread, there's still the same blame
No substance can change
I can't save my soul

I've taken evеry drink in hopes that I can save my thoughts
Pleasе don't let me make this mistake

If all I wanted was death, then I would fall in love
But I need a dead end and a live wire
Like I need a hole in my [That's enough]

You make a drunk want another round
Pouring gas on the fire
I try to make it hurt, you try to make me a liar
Take it or leave it
Please don't say I can't change
Hold my head, cross the line
Help me feel content


Now we're both trapped in the movement
You scream my name
I say we're better of as just empty vessels
We won't make it out if we throw it all away

So close your eyes
Say your prayers

It's not enough to stay warm
I want to burn in the flame
This sense of life will fade away

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