See Me – Art Mikveh
Genre Rap

See Me

I departed from my discussion with curious intuition
My dreams are what matters to me
Its all thats ever been I walk a mile in your shoes too
You lose because your clueless too Lord knows
Heaven isn't just another place for fools
I blast without looking eventually I made mistakes
Do whatever necessary to protect my own
I'm caught up in a world wind walls always caving in
I could never have predicted the way that I would sin
My name brings about the trouble cause I'm a thug
In a world where everyonе lies I'm shaking scrubs
God sees all but its harder to smile
God blеss the dead with liquor
Justice is blind indeed but what do you see

Pick up the phone and I can't even dial
My hands get shaky sometimes
Everything will work out fine
That's what they always tell me
Right before they look around and tears
Start to flee their eyes is it because your uncertain
Just like all these murder scenes then ends my discussion
Meek is how we ought to be but God bless my eyes
So I'm not walking blind and regardless
I will always be an image of a child
Caught up in a world of a danger
No one notice a stranger
'nough could be the times
I sit and wonder steady listening believe
While trying to paint a picture is it relevant to us mortals
Think love smile search
Heavens' always looking out
So could it be we asking for too much

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