Cut out your choices to free your mind
Take a chance with whatever you find
How do we know it's not make believe?
Drain the earth when we plant the seed
This is a game with a subliminal fate
This is why we get out of place
This is how we get in a trance
This is how we do a digital dance

I don't care why you bring it to me
The chemistry makes unity
The barking is obnoxious and its all a disgrace
Begin to understand that is it all in your face

You hide from

Make it fast and make it fine
Therе are voices in human rhyme
I won't givе you a reason why
Open doorways to lead you through time
Catasrtophic police engine
Children pretend to adopt their parents
Trees of evolution have found a new place
The pictures in the stories are being erased

We found rhyme
We found time
We found crime


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