Scruffpuppie – Glue
Genre Pop


Feat. Lil Dump

Verse 1Scruffpuppie

I killed myself to prove a point to you
Ripping shelves from the walls and they all askew
Drying eyes from crying over you
Never good enough, but that's nothing new
Mediocre gum I chew
'Cause I spent all of my cash on you
You bled me dry, I swear I almost fucking died
And I massacred, but who can care I only saw one side?

Cling to me like glue then use
Me as I'm writing these blues
[as I'm writing these blues]

Verse 2Lil Dump

Summer time
And we were high
Use me and abuse me
Drain my life drain my life
It feels it feels good
I've been forgetting
Close to forgetting
So won't you please jus let me forget you
I've been washing you off my skin
And it feels good

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