Scorpinox – On
Genre Rap


Verse 1:
Kyle I looked up to you missed
Ya a lot growing up alone ninety
Percent of the time strongly
Depressed expressions
Not made wish we could
Talk it out don't know don't know
Fathers on work
Fathers on work
Gears not moving
Verse 2:
I'm sad for you older sibling
Told negative things about me growing up
I don't know I don't know
I wanna show remorse
I don't wanna hurt ya
I get why you might wanna call pops
A coward i get why you feel, I thankfully
Grew up stronger I drew long for hours
Cried for hours never really thought bout
You I was told not too
Fathers on work
Fathers on work
Gears not moving
Verse 3:
Really wanted you around needed guidance
I literally grew up addicted to violence ask
My psychiatrist I'm pissed off that we got
Arched away from one another just because
Of fathers predicated mistakes he could've
Held us both down fucking I held my son at
Seventeen years old no need to scold
I boldly moved improved what I could
And still do to this day no one no
Motherfucker ever gonna take my
Boy away hope one day we can get
Together half brother feels like we should
Be full blood related bro...I don't know you
I don't know you stop with the bullshit
Look into my eyes lies you believe bro our
Dad put me forward he dealt with a lot he
Was split act like you don't give a shit I
Grew up thinking that way all my life in end
Result he taught me to draw taught me to
Sing taught me to think like a king taught
To focus my energy on positivity and not reminiscing
We grew up opposite one another
Acting cold acting cold
Fathers on work
Fathers on work
Wilson whos killson?
Acting out in a depressed rage my dad got told by new view society execs they shoulda never had sex i grew up around those people you on the pedestal i dealt with my mommas negative feelings on a daily i had play man of the house because mentally she was crazy
Disregard me ya right
Fux your mind
Fux your mind
Think I went stupid
Naw I went crazy
Bitch I beat on my friends as
A preteen and teenager because
I was mentally slaving to keep the person
Who mattered most alive that was me
Trapped in rage trapped in rage
I was wanting out
Wanted out I was
All alone
Fathers on work

Wilson whos killson?

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