Scholomance – Companionship And Philosophical Fire (The Third)
Genre Rock

Companionship And Philosophical Fire (The Third)

Convincing of a conviction, in search for a fellow seeker
A foregone neccessity through attributes of purity
Become tainted with spoiled fruits and crystals of salt
A transparent abuse through manipulations of gratification
Would you jump? Would you leap from your mountains
Held erect by sinking sands and smoldering ashes?

Evolution... that is what we must achieve. Beyond any Darwinian concept of adaptation. The evolution of few transcends physical might and must be welcomed and recognized, if only by the one who evolves. Healing one's self becomеs a constant process of suffering for enlightеnment

Enlightenment of a liar, pursuit of poetic slavery
A depressing need for the rusted keys of the locks to be lost
Become broken off in the holes, blocking the way of the next key
A driftwood gate which has no hinges, no ability to open

What in the hell is happening to us? Can we not see the alchemical solution? Spoken but settled for. We can have so much more. I'm sick of being avoided

Avoidance of the present presence, flee like a cockroach from light
An abandonment of common sense and social rules
Become fortunately forgotten

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