SAYET – Katana
Genre Rap, Trap


Feat. ColtD

Verse 1SAYET

Okay solo tegewa soy takai, I'll never fucking die
If you looking in the mirror you will see your shadow lies
Every kind of beat I do, will put my ass in a kawasaki
I'm gonna destroy all like I'm a king kong
Those bitches are frustated and I say Bingo
Don't blame today because I wake up nice, sombody bringe coold aid with some fucking ice

Verse 2ColtD

I got no fans but I really don't care
I'll cut all your men if I see 'em near my gang
Bro tengo katana
Te corto like tizana
While me llevo a tu hermana
A pasear con mis friends
Agarramos gloria sin crear tanta historia así que no vengas con líos si no soy ni tu amigo
Primo ta' jodio' te dejamo' empobrecio'
Yo agarro y te digo you can't fight V my gang

Verse 3SAYET

Oh no
I'm shining like I'm cleaning gold, just hear all
I'm not member of yakuza but I'm still cutting you
Check all the people around, they like watch people fall
Torniquelket again
Look all these bodies
It's my fault
This is Club
This is my mission
No under pressuere
Tell me how do you live with that curse, samurai issues
The death, eyes closed, your soul in a sword
The death, eyes closed, your soul now is lost

Verse 4ColtD

Papi tu katana es de hierro colado
La mía está hecha de un acero refinao'
Olvidé decirte que tiene poco de aluminio
Y con la lengua de jeva le saqué un poco de brillo
Te corto los tobillos
So I can continue my boshido
Ya les digo "Bye I'll see you in the hell"
Mientras me voy pal' coño con mi gang

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