SAPPH1R3 – Next King
Genre Rap

Next King

They gonna be like how is he on this melody
Come on give me some empathy
It’s my legacy
Can't you see I’m going far
Looking at the stars
Go ahead and grab the bar

I'ma give it my best try
So dont waste my time
Sometimes we all lie
But not if it's mine

Cause I will grow bigger than the last dude
Come on, let me get on the track dude




I’ma keep my mind on track
Yeah this money I'ma stack
Why you wanna attack
Let me recap
Last time you talked on my namе
I had a nickname
All these rappеrs want the fame
Who am I to blame?
I’m here to claim my spot
I’m making plans to plot
I'ma just let you rot
Easier than I thought
It's easier than I though

I'm not tryna fight
I’m just tryna strive
Put me in the archive
Put you in your place
The work I embrace
Make me sound insane

I'm the next king
I'm comin for the crown
I'ma make you see me In this crowd
Even though rap scene is gettin really loud
I'm the next king
I'm comin for the crown

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