SAPPH1R3 – I'll Wait
Genre Rap

I'll Wait

I'll Wait lyrics

This ain't the end
Just the start

Got a problem?
Consult the stars

When i walk in
I want all eyes on me

You can try to run
But you won't find the key
Drowning in this flow
Nowhere left to go

I hate the most
Why'd you leave the post?

Im being chained down
By all these ghosts

But answer this question
Who's the real host?

I will never understand
Why you're like that

Pull up and
We engage in the combat

If you make a move
You gon get slashed

I just need to know
Where thе cash at

Where the cash at?
Find it likе a treasure map
If you try me
I just might snap

Once im done
You can have the scraps

Say you gonna stay
But that's such a cap

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