Sam Lachow – Blind Eyes
Genre Rap

Blind Eyes

[Sam Lachow
NaNaNaNa NaNa - Na Na Na
*Clears Throat*
Nobody lifted a finger when I was lied about
Nobody helped when I need it the most
But I don’t blame anybody
Cause I’m ashamed of the product
Do the same if it happened to them

I can’t imagine Seattle ever feeling the same
Glory days are layin’ down in the drain
Be the last one who left
And Maybe that’s for the best
Before I’m taking by somebody saving grace

I used to have a buddy I trusted a lot
But He apparеntly must have forgot
That he wouldn’t have any fans if
I wasn’t thе one he ran with
He never became the man we thought
And I wish it was…funny
How all is drama seem to matter right up to you end losing some…body
And we only end up on our own
[B Skeez
•Yeeeaaaah ahhhh•
[Nothings Gonna Change Bridge with B skeez]

[Sam Lachow
You can say I thought pretty high myself
You can say I was crying for help
That I tried telling the public
That I was self-destructive
Never considered my own Family

Look, all this money in this worlds not enough to fill
But I’m hoping this Percocet will
I thought it was my body
I was only hurt in my body
To me it was killed or be killed..

Somethin’ about Seattle in December
Ends up with me losing my temper
Maybe I was blind and pretending’
Which one of my friends were evil
But I don’t see the demon in em
It’s so hard to believe that’s he’s really here though
You claimed the role here
So you know that when it rains, it pours here
The rain, it glitter like golden
Those things don’t seem to shine
Through all that ego you hide behind

[Sierra Loarenzini
Hey you
I see right through
And that I can’t make you happy
But I pray too

[Sam Lachow
I can take you on a ghost ride
To my old life
In the cut were daddy don’t know
Bundle up and hold tight
Through the cold night
We can roll the window down and drive slow
*X2 Low Octaves*

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