Genre Rap


Intro: Ay this shit gon’ hit hard
Comin’ straight from the land of the warriors
Ay, Ay, Ay

Verse 1:
Knock knock tell em I’m back to rapping
Get off your ass and please stop fapping
Two faced people backstabbing
Knock em out and ask what happened
Homeboy got raw emotion
Low views but my tracks got girls dancing
No one knows what I’m really planning
I’m killing this beat with a lot of passion
Bars so hot like Kylie’s fashion
Almost 20 and I’m still rollin’
Got the ball and I’m still scorin’
No one really understands me
I’m mysterious to my enemies
Yet I’m curious
But Try to chase me like fast & furious
Making bitches scream like they’re on their pеriod
I know most of you are fake
Y’all just need to give mе break
For God’s sake stop kissin asses
Mouths are dirty like ashes
I know you wanna diss me so hard
But I gave your girl a kiss and it felt like art
Sorry hunny I’m unpredictable
Surprise bitch I’m the wild card
Hold up
My tongue shooting bullets like a rifle

Straight outta Cairo
We are lit & bright like pyro
Higher than a high note
We gon slit some throats
I said straight outta Cairo
We are lit & bright like pyro
Higher than a high note
We gon slit some throats

Verse 2:
Woah woah woah woah woah
A minute passed and I’m still rocking my flow
Haters hating and acting like hoes
Tell em I really got nothing to owe
I always train those bent over rows
So I can carry motivation on my back!
I’m an OG Egyptian livin in the capital
Don’t mess with me or you’ll mess with an animal
I’m a high key king
Get on yo knees, kiss that ring
Why so laggy that’s a thousand ping
Bro you can’t get on my level
Even if you trade your soul with the devil
I’ll always be loyal to homies
Cairo for life and fuck the phonies

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