Saint on saturn – Gossamer-thin heart bleak
Genre Rap

Gossamer-thin heart bleak

She's gone, I'm gone
I'm losing it
Losing my head again
At a loss of words
How come I always
End up lost and afraid

He's gone, you're gone
Everybody's dead
Gone to sleep again
It's my last resort
How come I always
End up lost and afraid
You were the coldest of sores
We go a bit without a word
Please don't stay a memory
Even if it was nothing but a dream
Surely you're off with another one
Me, I'm off to walk alone
And maybe to fall off a ledge
This world is all too much
It's quite the empty void, you know
And yet I bare it
Endlessly believing
You'll bе home again

She's gone, I'm gonе
I'm losing it
Losing my head again
At a loss of
[How come, I
End up astray [Always, end up
End up afraid [Lost and, afraid]

He's gone, you're [Scared
Everybody's dead
[They always were
[Might as well die too
It's my last resort
[It's all my fault
How come I [Haven't already tried to
End [The pain
Scum in head, come again
I feel this stuff again
Morbid in the orbit
While I listen your stuff again

Bustling with thoughts
Of aerospace, you're going dumb again
Hustling to keep a peace
Of mind, you're going numb again

Worshipping your God
High above, like where is he
The neighbor tells me
You just lack a sense of envy

Jealous type
With righteous power overall
You think you know it all?
Look into the mirror
If you want to watch it all fall

Down, like the crown of the king
When the servants and slaves
Terrorize all of his reign

Surely could be worse
I gain a new pain everyday
And I'd better off with pills
And maybe someone slain
Like me a dude
Nothing much but a buttercup
And a homesick little boy
Who doesn't care if he dies

Like spirit kicking dirt
I'll return back to Earth
Cause' in another world
I'm a girl who's got it all

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