Sage The Gemini – Suh Wid It
Genre Rap

Suh Wid It

What's up wid it
That's your nigga on your arm
Is you stuck wit it
So much money on me
Man your nigga like you fuckin' him
When I eat that pussy from the back
Was you lovin' it
I got paid today, you want some of it?
The crib got three floors and I come with it
I see you peekin' but ain't speakin'
Baby, come get it
Make you come wid it

Okay if you don't love me stop thinking about me
Okay baby
straight jacket, she's straight crazy

I wanna spend time, get to know you
I think I could really be your nigga, let me show you
I communicate my inner thoughts and emotions
I know you
You the type that like 'em being vocal
I like it and I want you
Niggas betta watch how they approach you
Hey, got the flame
Okay mami you smoking
Heard your last man
Must be slow
The new

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