Sad Sunny – f.r.i.e.n.d.s
Genre Pop


​f.r.i.e.n.d.s lyrics

[Hey this is Sad Sunny
[You ready to drop this beat?

Aye, yo
Every bad day
Everybody thinks that I
Don't understand why
But I'll say
I know that it seems so different
But I never got to say

Don't you know that you think smarter
You think better, but I think I think a little bit harder
Oh-oh-oh, I think I think a little bit
Oh-oh-oh, harder, harder
[Oh-oh-oh] I'll tell you right now
I think I'm like going crazy right now

Every single day since I was friends with you
I told myself that I would always be with you
The world goes round and round
But it ain't gonna touch my ground
Even if they try to stop us
The world made us
For once I feel so molded on
To you, by you
For oncе I feel-
I look out
Cause every singlе day
I felt like I wasn't okay
But I think today

But the world goes round and round
And won't ever touch this ground
So that's how I know

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