Sacral Rage – Waltz in Madness

Waltz in Madness

Her dark night invokes curses and death
She is known as the fortune lady at the tabor
Her crystal ball is [the] key to the portals
The chart of [the] hand, is what she needs

Give birth to fire, casting illusions
All-seeing eyes are forbidden

Waltz in madness

Weak in soul, his fortune, he has to know
For a fatalist's only dread is the unknown
In the hands of fate he seeks the truth
But the gipsy reveals to her prey, his soul in wound

Sink into darkness, forced in damnation
Sinner's agony is eternal

Waltz in madness

[The] irresolute man asked for his kismet
[And] the third-eye lady began to read his hand
[But] this ritual is forbidden from the gods
[And] his destiny transforms to blackened dust
The beggarly sunk in desperation
[And] f lady sang [the waltz, claiming] to be the savior
The fatalist succumbs [but the rules] are disregarded
[But this] life’s wealth [will be] paid to hell eternal

Now the pact with the Devil is sealed
And the waltz in madness [is] fulfilled
In obscurity his soul shall surrender

Her dark night invokes the haunting of souls
She is known as the Devil's minion down in Hades

Waltz in madness

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