Genre Rap


2023 FREESTYLE lyrics


Look, chat, this the 2023 Freestyle, man
If you in this chat, I fuck with you, bruh
If you been supporting me all year, I fuck with you, bruh [Aye, aye, yeah
Sab Cain, we going up 2023
And they can't say none, they can't stop us
'Cause the growth is gon' be there, y'all is gon' be there, we gon' be there
Stream gon' have a great year, you feel me?
So, with that being said, let’s get it
Ask 'em again, ask 'em a—, yeah


I'm in the 'Cord with Juice and Kobe
If you not BT then you below me
They tryna keep up but they can't
Somе of them switch for the
a rank
Money all in thе bank
Pulled up in a tank, and I'm sippin' on the drank
Bad bitch gon' eat me up, she wanna watch Netflix
Her boyfriend super broke, got holes in his tech fit
Hit an opp, mark 'em off the checklist
He sellin' hoop dreams, but he gon' fall out, soon as the TEC' spit
My brodie, yeah, he keep the rocket
Told niggas be cautious
Pulled up on the block talkin' ‘bout stop it
Flyer than a fucking cockpit
Brodie get to movin' left and right with the stick making niggas nauseous
Kick shit, 2023 that's my year
If you in the stream, shoutout you for being here
Had many nights of pain, I shed blood, sweat, and tears
That's why when I get on, make my problems disappear, like

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