Rylo Rodriguez – Intro
Genre Rap, Unreleased


Verse 1

I got more problems than I had when I was broke. Gotta cross the street, what you mean you jumped up off the porch? Witnessed close family members get hooked on the dope. I'm right back in the box with my back on the ropes. I didn't get drafted, I spent ten thousand on the Colts. Spent five thousand on her ass, I'm being honest, I ain't tryna brag. I thought that with me blowin up was gone help me find my dad. Turn a Cadillac to a Tesla, I won't dare stop to get gas. Put two hands on my steering wheel, they prayin a nigga crash.....I can do bad on my..own what I need them for? Fuck her, then I fall back..just like September. And my niggas who can't call back..she gone let me film her. Money bring problem, fuck it I'm ready to solve it. Make a bitch get a gun license, bring back me a revolver. My mama say she'on like when I ride 'round with choppas. I told'er she can't get anotha son, but I can get a lawyer. A couple chains rose gold like I dipped'em in flowers. Really from the hood, my hype man really is a robber..................If she was solid while you was cheatin...she was cheatin, too. Why you wanna take some off my plate..when I was feedin you? I watched dope boy turn king pens, I watched Hellcats turn to Demons, I flew her out for a weekend, pick another hoe playin defense, gotta murk them I'm talkin revenge, I'on feel safe if he breathin. It ain't safe for them neither. If they see the home-based. It wasn't meant for Ty to die. He was in the wrong place. Just target it and pray we hit it. Like we on a long date...make sure your phone straight. He done ran outta hideouts. Doin fed time so if you catch'em, he gone go to lock up. Gotta hood bitch, she don't want for nothin, she sell her own products. Couple niggas stayed down and a couple niggas left without us. Wish I could've told Joe don't hit that lick, its gone be sour. Dirty money still spend, I bring it with me in the shower. We gone catch'em lackin. I ain't tryna go and shoot they spot up. Thinkin bout Thad...still ain't forgave myself. We stopped in New York, we ain't have a gun, I bought a blade from the knife store. Social Media, you niggas really tryna die over internet posts. Yeah, that's cool with me...it ain't no rules with me. It ain't no rules at all. I'm lyin, you tell, you lose it all. Section 8, three to the bed, sometimes couldn't move at all. Knocking at the door...love don't live here no more, got evicted, had to go. Dracos and some Glocks, I brung'em with me at the show. How long will they mourn me, yeah? I'm missin' all my homies, yeah. My heart vacant, I wish they wouldn't have abandoned me, yeah. Lately, I ain't been talkin to family, yeah. For the ones I love, I give'em distance, yeah. Fifty racks, I made that this week, yeah. Where I'm from why your brother, that shit gets this deep, yeah. I can't trust no woman on this earth, don't blame me, I'm sorry...cause I fuck niggas' bitches that I thought was loyal. Hunnid K to the side ain't for us, if I go broke, that's for my lawyer

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