Ryan @ryangottheheat – Mac 11
Genre Rap

Mac 11

Mommy I'm sorry but spinning my hobby
Rollin around the block wit a Mac 11
That nigha talking on who
Send his bitch ass to heaven
Could have bout a new 40 what I spent on the pendint
If you dissing
Yo krib where we heading
Shot yo ass up
On Evey shot I be bettin
Put yo ass to beddy
Go lay the fuck down
Grab yo mo fuckin teddy
End of the story
Got shot in the heady
This Glock little ceacers
This bitch hot and ready
Won't even catch a case
Don't try to test us
Or tha shit we finna ace
You wanna skuff
Name the place and date
If you disrespect you get popped
Ain't no debate
Off of jigga
Make som shake
From the east side
Ya we some goons
I got a ar
That bitch got a zoom
Playing around
Blowen to moon
I won't even talk jus blast
I ain't in duh mood
Don't call me bro
If I ain't fuckin wit you
If my homies don't know you
Snatch yo chain n yo shoes
Don't try so pull no fast shit
I ain't bo bo duh foo
I ain't kind
Naw I ain't that dude
Gotta push that white
So we could get food
There's pigs and apes
Ya we a zoo

Nighas dick riding
This Glock got a Lazer
Hit him down in his chasaa
Only fuck around if you was day 1
Dare you to say som
We ain't playing
Or we fin hit out yo brains
Leave his dreams on the pavement

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