RXKNephew – Critical Condition, Pt. 2
Genre Rap

Critical Condition, Pt. 2

Feat. Rx Papi

Verse 1RXKNephew

You know damn well you ain't in the trap
You ain't never made your own aunty relapse
Yeah, your songs good, but nobody believe you
I ain't gotta explain what gon happen when I see you
We got more guns than Resident Evil
I know damn well you still live with your people
Real Drugrixh, motivate the people
Who let that man in the booth to lie to these people

Verse 2Rx Papi

I will serve your abuela and tío
No matter where I see you, I will leave you
Not going back and forth I'm not a speaker
Forty blow you right out your sneakers
Big Papi, I ride with honchos
OJ Simpson in a dirty Bronco
That ain't your chain that's another nigga shit
How you a boss on another nigga dick
Kidnap your mama and smother the bitch
Papi be on some real slithery shit
You a good kid, you don't get into shit
Roll the window down get to hitting shit
When that opportunity come imma take it
Fuck I look like missing a lick
5.56 got em twisting and shit

Verse 3RXKNephew

Dos dos tres, I ain't missing a bitch
They like how the hell he got the stick in this bitch
Skinny ass morena, I'm the real honcho
34's, 34's like dollar tacos
I been Drugrixh since a little snotnose
How the fuck one day out the blue you was Drugrixh
How the fuck three niggas ride around in a coupe
Professional capping when you in the booth
Your whole mixtape ass and the cover is too
You got pussy in your blood and your brother do too
Your mama got a pussy and so do you
I tried to reach out like a real nigga
My bitch in Birmingham got the spill on niggas
AR quince sing Johnny Gill on niggas
All that subliminal shit, I pull up
You niggas not Young Dolph, you ain't gon make it
They gon find your ass smelling in the vacants
I'm the real Drugrixh, these niggas my stepkids
Six mixtapes back to back can't stop shit
I see them dislikes on my shit, they watching
Your mama got credit and my plug got work

Verse 4Rx Papi

You pulled a handgun out of your man-purse
Well, shoot it and show me it work
I guarantee you wouldn't shoot first
I slap the shit out your shooter first
You niggas moving like Lil Uzi Vert
Nephew Leatherface, Papi Lucifer
You don't know the first thing bout cooking work
You don't want your mama riding in a hearse
You don't want your picture on your partner's shirt
He drinking liquor, crying, 'cause he hurt
That's what you get for lying in your verse
You know I ain't hearing this shit
I thought you was Sub-Zero and shit
Now it's reptiles all over your shit
That go to show you on niggas' dicks
My niggas come through shooting shit broad day
I really served junkies in the hallway
You a good kid, you went to college
I got that stick on me I'm wiling
Up it and hit you or your mama
I talk to the plug like ¿que pasa?
I gave you niggas swag de nada
Dumb bitch listen to aventura
I heard the tape, it's basura
Please tell me what junkie you saw shoot up
'Cause how the fuck you gon shoot a line
I'm sick and tired of these niggas lying
You just saying shit that rhyme
I really put my life on the line

Verse 5RXKNephew

Don't play with me nigga it get ugly, real quick
Head tap, slither shit, dislocate a nigga jaw with the fist
Somebody talk to him, give him some sense
My trigger finger squeeze, half a second
If we would've linked I probably would've robbed you
I can tell a hoe nigga when he start speaking
I can tell you ain't never ran with no creatures
Y'all get pulled over in that coupe, all of y'all speaking
I end your career, make you delete it
You ain't on ten, I don't believe it
I'll put Sub-Zero back in the freezer
I'll slap the shit out all your producers
How the fuck you Drugrixh you be in the house
You a family man, I know what your life about
You better think bout your nieces 'fore you diss me
All they gon have in they head is memories
Leatherface snatch you up, ain't no making it
Now you say you got junkies that shoot
You a whole clown nigga what is you doing
Beat a nigga face and black and blue it
Whatever you wanna do we can do it
It's just Nephew and Papi, that's a bunch of shooters
Poltergeist pop out of nowhere
I know where your bitch live, don't make me say her name
I break the glass like Shaq in '04
I backspin kick in the trap door
Bunch of Glock veintinueves and AR quinces
Make a nigga hopscotch
Glock started hitting like, Drugrixh nigga can't stop it
Hanging round was my only option
Crack cocaine was my only option
You a good kid, lil nigga stop it
Mama couldn't buy me Jordans with the food stamps
Hit the trap, stuck in that bitch like a bootcamp
Hit a wax bag with two stamps
In the tree with a stick like I'm Curious George
Driveby out a van, open the door
First to go pew pew, and score
I don't clout chase, I kick in doors

Verse 6Rx Papi &

You talk crazy, better be for sure
I up that stick and break a nigga jaw
Give that nigga the best capper award
Used to make a pile to sleep on the floor

I trust my gun 'fore I trust the lord
Only religious when I'm in jail
And I ain't getting locked up no more
Aunty got me with a fluky twenty
Got her shit split for fucking with me
So what the fuck you think imma do to you
When you see me, you better shoot
Imma hit you and them niggas next to you
I break the rim like Vince Carter
What the fuck you get out of lying
You gon end up 69-ing
Fucking with me, gon get an early retirement
And that's gon involve your mama crying
Nigga I don't wanna talk, it's a little too late
You a clout chasing nigga like
You said it in the booth, now say it to my face
Got warrants in Atlanta so fuck the state
When the work dry I scrape the plate
Chop it up and sing Amazing Grace
Glock nueve not a thirty-eight
Imma up that bitch and take off a nigga face
Kick the door, pistol to your face
You and your bitch better do what I say
Before I blow this ugly hoe brains away
Neph say he wanna get on a plane today
But I woke up thinking bout a stain today
My problem his problem, he ain't got no choice to stay
He said where you wanna go, I said round the way
7.62's eat a nigga braids
Hot jalapenos knock off his face
Wasted gas driving to Alabama state
Fucking with these niggas, B done caught a case
Drove with five sticks through seven states
Kick you in your shit, Kevin Gates
I smoke a blunt, I don't meditate
Nan gun I got is regi-strated
They gon fuck around charge me with premeditated
You shaking with that gun, hesitating
Who the fuck is Drugrixh Huncho
He gon turn to a bitch when the Glock blow
Nigga they call me Papi Diablo

Verse 7RXKNephew

I ain't going back eating rice diablo
I hit six juugs off of MetroPCS
You in a picture with Peso, a groupie at his best
I just want the powder I give my youngins the rest
You the type of nigga tell on the whole Drugrixh
When you look in the mirror should be ashamed of yourself
Don't try to blame your mama, nigga blame yourself
.223's hit a nigga he gon need help
Turn his dead corpse into Michael Phelps
Doing this shit all my life, I don't know nothing else
I got ADHD, I can't sit down
Imma sell it wholesale, I can't sit on a pound
You said I ain't Drugrixh, how the fuck you sound
I ain't never had a job in my damn life
You can drop a location nigga I'll pull up
I feel like Zooka with two guns up
I told Blake Money his problem my problem
My problem his problem, he told me to take care of Bird
He said Sensay he got him
I call Shy lowkey pull up with Lil Davinci
He a rather buy a thirty 'fore he buy some Fendi
I'm the same way as him that's why he with me
I ain't talking bout Curtis when I say I'm the real 50
One point five for a motherfucking 50

Verse 8Rx Papi

I slap the shit outta nigga, I pull the grip out on a nigga
If I see the bitch, I pull my dick out and piss on her nigga
I ain't gon off a fifth of liquor but I do got a fifth in the vehicle
The .223s make you jump like Rey Mysterio
I'm Kane, I ain't see none and I ain't hearing em
Nigga you 120 you ain't putting no fear in me
Long ass stick they think I brought a spear with me
This combat Glock'll kill a deer for me
Sensay, Huncho, Bird them niggas history
You best say my name next time you say some
Or otherwise, pussy nigga, don't say none
'Cause I'll push up on you and take some
You know what, fuck that nigga drop your addy
I pull up on you, beat you like your daddy
You know damn well you ain't in Atlanta
This Draco I got, got a banana
Bird better not say shit 'til he move his grandma
Sensay I know you still live with your Nana
So why the fuck you act like you armed and dangerous
Everywhere I go, I'm ducking the camera
I lock the crack pot, Kurt Angle
You don't know bout rerocking or serving strangers
I rob a nigga to release my anger
You can hear it in my voice nigga, when I'm speaking
You don't live it but you rap decent
You ain't never sat in the precinct
Stuck in the cell for the weekend
'Cause the judge don't come 'til Monday
You gon cut a deal before Sunday
You ain't never had no type of gunplay
This shit only gon end one way
When the last time you served a junkie
Bitch, you go to church every Sunday
I'm Papi Myers, I don't wanna talk
I stab a nigga with a tomahawk
I slam dunk bitch, tomahawk
I shoot shit up what the fuck you thought
I move around like I'm the President
Detectives say they want me for questioning
I serve junkies when I'm on the backstreet
You a good kid, ain't got a rapsheet
You don't wanna die over no rap beef

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