Carti Cousins Ft Big Ouee Rx Papi

Carti Cousins (ft Big Ouee) lyrics

feat. Big Ouee

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June 2, 2023

Carti Cousins (ft Big Ouee) lyrics

Real Rx
Who the hell is Carlo!?

[Rx Papi]
You don't know how bad I need this lick to go good
Name hot, I done robbed damn near the whole hood
Every plug on the East side scared to front me
They know I might run off, but they know I'll get the money
Nigga said he had good dog, turned out to be some bullshit
Nickname that nigga Fetty Wap that's how many times he hit it
You could get far as shit if you niggas just mind your business
No license in the car, still ride with four pounds in it
I drove 45 minutes for a hundred dollar play
Auntie got a settlement chеck, moved her ass out the way
I'm lowkеy outta town in a minivan
I damn near made a band off a middleman and fifty grams
You see me in the club you should know I got the fifty in
The heroin hard this shit finna break the blender blade
I stuffed a whole arm long of dog in a fender blade
I told you time is money bitch you better not be a minute late
A nigga offer you consignment he must think you pussy
You better not try me with that shit I ain't no fucking rookie
I don't need you to front shit I'll fuck around and rob your ass
Hit the stash house he had fifty in a garbage bag
Most niggas think with their dick that's their downfall
Auntie scoop a dub off the floor like a ground ball
Walking through the trap bitch they call me Papi sammy sosa
I hit it even when I'm knocked down I'm finna turn it over
I remember being broke cold nights darkest days
Stove broke, it's cool nigga I can use the microwave
Cook seven at a time I know what I'm doing
Counterclockwise spin my wrist with circular movement
A nigga get close and move wrong thats when imma boom him
Most niggas claim they shooters and never even been in a shooting
If the numbers right nigga then we got a deal
You mean to tell me four fifty gonna get me a thousand pills
I would buy a drink but that shit you got not sealed
The Glock got tourettes cause this bitch can't sit still
[Big Ouee]
Boom boom boom
Aye, imma get it gone (uh)
What you tryna do? I could put you on (damn)
Four forty eights and they gone go (go)
I'm in the back serving heads out the window (aye, what you need?)
I'm in the trap making money with my kinfolk (in the trap)
I got blue in my cup rolling backwoods (damn, roll up)
Aye, I'm serving custies in your neighborhood (aye)
I got cuz in the back throwing up neighborhood (damn)
I'm in a new town, that's new money (uh, new money)
I'm hopping on and off the flight like I'm Bugs Bunny (where he at?)
This nigga lyin and he put that on his dead homie (damn, what you cappin for?)
Now I'm smoking on your dead homie (damn)
I got eight on the plane (I got eight on a plane)
On a boat, on a train (on a boat on a train)
Cuz in the back tryna hit a stain (boom)
It's a rap world nigga now I need a ring (and we out)

You feel me
Plug world shit man ya'll know this shit man
Rx Papi – Carti Cousins (ft Big Ouee)

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