Rusted Brain – Bloodpath


Spear, blade of flame
Reign of god vivid by fame
Sound of cry blackbird fly
You are dead phalanx thrust
Planescape conquest time
Running rage down the sky
Burning line cuts the ground
Gaugamela rains in blood

Die- death is only rest
Yell- torment is your prayer
Cry- that's the revenge price
Doom- even god must die!

Vicious in their eyes
Hordes of crusades are going by
Fire ash and blood
Marks are shining on the ground
Broken killed and raped
Bodies burned on the heap
Life depends on us
Bloodpath comes to light!

Fear, legacy
Never-ending potency
Look in sky see the sign
Grace of gods is on your side
Take once curse on your own
This is what you've been waiting for
Live to die die to live
Judge of crowds living god

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