Russ Collective – Golden Gate
Genre Electronic, Rap

Golden Gate


Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Uh, Marvin Divine
Golden gate
Let me talk
Uh, uh, uh

Verse 1

Look, it's a celebration
Let's play this all around the nation
Yeah glasses over and nobody sober
Make a toast to gettin' our education

We got one night, so let's party
The world is ours, let's jump and shout
Tell the girls gon' move their body
And it's goin' down 'til the sun is out, go

Verse 2

Yeah, everything's golden
From the cars, the clothes, the watch, the chains
But one thing I nevеr told ya is
I'm here to reprеsent golden gate
So hands up, stand up
Tell the DJ to play this loud
Everybody's yellin', "Golden gate!"
You know what it is when you hear this sound

[You think you really wanna party?
Stand up
Party 'til the neighbors complain
And oh yeah, if I didn't tell ya
I'm here to represent golden gate, go

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