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January 27, 2023

Candy Shop lyrics

Verse 1:

I open the door to the candy shop
I twist the cap off my bottle of 7up
I don’t know when my mind went to rot
I try to ignore it, but I can’t treat something like it’s not

Chorus 1:

When I’m not home
I feel like a ghost
I’m so alone

Verse 2:

I walk down the steps of the museum
I read the plaques by the statues in the room
The words all turn to a misty haze
I don’t know what’s happening but i’ve been like this for days

Chorus 2:

When it snows
It’s so cold
I’m so alone

Oh (I hear my friends talking, I see the people walking, I sit and think about how my mind got so rotten)
I don’t know (I smеll the pent up enеrgy, taste the joy as it fades into my memory)
Everywhere I go (I feel tight inside and I wanna hide)
I’m so alone (everyone's staring at me like I just cried)

Ruby Chaffer – Candy Shop

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