Ropes – Mighloe
Genre R&B



I have been waiting on you to get your shit together
So I can make my mind up if I should love you
Don’t you ever take my heart for granted again

Cuz I got a time and place Yeah I got a time and place to love you
To love on you
So much for truth cuz I know you lied to me About that girl
She is your destiny so what do I get to say?
What can I do cuz she’s great anyway?

I have to go do this on my own
I know it feel as temporary from The
But it’s so hard to let go
It’s so hard to hide from me
So hard to hide to find my piece
When you never say sorry
Maybe because you’rе not

Well I got this I’ll get it on my own

But thank you for showing me thе ropes

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