Rondoe – Angel
Genre Rap


Feat. Riv Locc


Pay Me R Pay Me No Attention
2thou12 shit

Verse One

Only time I deal with squares is when I'm dealing with a brick
I'm somewhere chillin, feelin' on your bitch
I'm out here gridin', I ain't worried about shinin'
I also pimp hoes, I'm the new Frankie Lymon
I used to pray that my nigg didn't get that time
But they wasn't playin wit him, gave him the whole twenty-five
And I'm still fucc'd up about my niggas dying
Lil C, Top Tig, and my nigga Myron
You ain't talkin about money, we ain't speaking the same lango
My daddy used to bounce out on 'em, in the Kangal
D Rose on 'em, I ain't shooting no rainbows
My bro said we war'n, then fuck it, we ain't lettin' it go
Bеtter have an angel, or God ridin' witchu'
Right now I'm just chillin, layin' low, gеttin' scrilla
RIP to my angel, her name was Ella
Over anything I love, I'll roc-a-fella


Verse Two

The hand game ridiculous, my trigga' finga' illa
I'm a silverback gorilla with the instincts of a killa
I be all out the window, firing clappers
R-D got my back like a chiropractor
Mowing down fields of pussies, like I'm driving a tractor
I'm at this money [At this money
And you niggas is funny to me
Boy I'm hotter than like 500 and something degrees
Wanna look at it? I give you suckas something to see
7 point 6 two, like a hundred of these
I bounce back like a built-in bungees in me
Its all about G-O-D, fam, money, and weed
I'm accustomed to the hustle, plus I cut it in threes
It's Riv Locc
I'm doper than a whole bird
Reacting out the truth, they're not rumors of what a hoe heard
Yea I'm on my shit cuz, came up on a quick plug
All the way in LA and Vegas, receiving big love

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