Romero Meta – this a song to turn up to
Genre Rap

​this a song to turn up to

Verse 1

This a song to turn up too
2016 coming soon
Many instincts, Star Wars Pew

Repeat lines for revenue
Start to rip off Kanye, new
Rapper just like me
Feel so dapper, pay that fee
So happy, Like Pharrell
Say Hello, Like J. Cole
A Role model for us all
Hol a lotto, winners mall
Wish rappers would call
Cause my beats are pretty fire
But I’m not hired, cause it’s obviously not what they desire
So I have fun
Rapping Like it’s done
I’m percussions with my run
Wish I had a posse cut
But my mom’s basement said none
An other statеment, another crate bеnt
Other basement, drop the bass, man
What’s this laced, man?
I don’t get it
Joke Pathetic
Call the medic
Fucked in brain but still won’t let it
Lucked for fame but primed for poetry
Spew some shit, you’ll just know it’s me
New jack shit, Just like Jodeci
You’ll just see, you’ll just get it
It’s for free, It’s a present
How I know you want it?
Cause you ain’t nothing but a peasant, ughh


Why you even try?
I’ll Expose the lies
Stealing all them fries
And all them other sides
Confide in me
Strive for me
Shucks, it’s pee
King or queen?
No No No No
Strive for me
Shucks, it’s pee
King or queen?
Oh No No No No
No No No No

Verse 2

Monty Python Greatest Bits
Bumping Weird Al Yankovic
And Chance the Rapper's greatest hits
No problem if he just [no no no no
Quit with the rhyme scheme
Your tracks are fun, not 3rd grade poetry
At the dance, did you see me?
Free from the shackles of

Doing shitty things, but no one see it
So it wasn’t real
Question how you write your songs
That shit hits me in the feels
Kneeling over to excess fun
Wolf of wall street parallel
Scorsese does another run
Reception and it fares well


This a song to Turn up too
This a song to Turn up too
This a song to Turn up too
This a song to Turn up too
This a song to Turn up too
This a song to Turn up too
This a song to Turn up too
This a song to Turn up too

Verse 3

Turn up to this song
Shake yo ass like it’s wrong
I don’t give a fuck, y’all fucking hooking up
Somebody get me a gong [Gong sound
Thanks for that great sound
I don’t give a fuck if you ain’t astound
I don’t give a fuck if you ain’t in the mood
Y’all going to yell to this song out loud, nude
Proud prudes never prosper
And I hate that proper fucking posture
Don’t posture like a proctor running SAT’s
And I ain’t go to college cause I got a few Bs
So bitches running ruined lives, you see
But who wants to pay those fucking textbook fees
Live my life textbook, what they wanna see
Cliche minorities with fucked up priorities
The privileged kid works minimum wage
The privileged minority runs in with authorities
The privileged kid with maximum rage
Angry through this cage I’m boxed inside
Angry, take a page from suicide
Oh shit that’s bad, Oh shit that’s bad
Recognizing that, I’m glad, Sad
But we gotta turn and comfort who cry
Not turn around to commune in sighs
Who knows who’ll be left in July?
But enjoy your life before you di-

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