Rome Fortune – Liquor Store Fiend
Genre Rap

Liquor Store Fiend

Living from delusion
Living an illusion
Limited inclusion
Ended my confusion
Now we in this bitch
Itchy trigger units

No proper education when I was student
Offered medication mama wouldn’t do it
Extreme were measures but we weathered through it

End another cycle
Told me I couldn’t be Jordan, Micheal
Told me I would never see the Eiffel
Faced me w the barrel of a rifle
If you lucky then they just indict you
And snipe whoever enlight you
Well if that isn’t insightful
Its scary what may be inside you

It was liquor store fiend liquor store fiend liquor store trap
It’s my environment why would I be threatened where Im at
It’s that mentality in fact
That make a wack nigga wack you
Gargoyles all around ready leave you stiff so they can stat you
Throwing shots out here ain’t know they was aiming em at you
It’s really hot out here bodies identified by they tattoos
A land of plot out here need space before the energy match you
You learn a lot out here. the jungle you conquer or it snatch you

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