Rohan Solomon – Students For India
Genre Pop

Students For India

Students For India lyrics

All these places
But they're all empty
And all these halls but there's no entry
Everything was great
But then came 2020

Moving forward
But also gently

The counter keeps going up
A bunch of our students are rising up
Dozon states
Not giving up
Students for India
A fire starting in our eyes reach the highest peak
Bringing them up
From darkness's reach
Students for India

Across the nation when the light goes out
We believe in them
Fighting thеir own struggles?
Figuring out this life puzzle?

Somеtimes we're beaten
Sometimes we're broken
Before the relief in their eyes
We're gonna be there?

We took our step
We took a stride
Protecting about a million smiles
Did what we could as they walked
Walked a million miles
Shielded them with masks
And comforted them
As they cried
Getting their meals, pads, milk for the child [Students for India]

Bringing them up from darkness reach
Students for India

We've just begun not finished
Not quite
Holding on tight
Making this dark time a little more bright
We're just beginning on our journey
The journey we call our fight
The journey we call our fight
Students for India

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