Rodney O, Joe Cooley – Nobody Disses Me
Genre Rap

Nobody Disses Me

Transcribing or something

Idk I haven't went to Genius

ChorusRodney-O & Joe Cooley

Nobody disses me
Nobody disses me

Verse 1Rodney-O

Nobody disses me and it plain to see
I'm Rodney-O, in the back is Joe Cooley
We all educated and what we created
Can't be imitated or duplicated
I'm writing paragraphs, next will be autographs
Joe's in-command with his hands and he's moving fast
You know we hold the key to this mystery
Which could only be what is strategy
We all on a course which is a steady force
So pay attention cause you just might get lost
And there's no way back, so don't darе tag
But right now, let me bring in the horn track

ChorusRodney-O & Joe Cooley

Nobody dissеs me
Nobody disses me

Verse 2Rodney-O

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