Rod Wave – Nirvana
Genre Rap



Pipe that shit up, TnT
Mm-mm, mm, uh


If you're hearin' this, it's too late [Late
I've been writin' this since Tuesday, today Friday
That mean tomorrow's doomsday [Yeah, yeah
Tried to fight the pain, but it ate me alive
Sad to say I lost the battle against my mind [Mm-mm
You should be happy for me, homie, no more sufferin' [Sufferin'
We all got a day, I guess we'll see each other then [See each other
I hope that Heaven's real and one day we can reunite [Yeah, yeah
And don't bе cryin' for me, I lived a wonderful lifе
I went on tour and seen the world and met all of my fans [My fans
I can't lie, I wish I could do that shit again [Shit again
Made plenty money, wrote my will, my kids is good
Hopefully they don't grow up so misunderstood [Misunderstood
I moved my momma out the hood and bought her a home
Even though me and her husband never got along [Yeah, yeah, yeah
Bought all my niggas brand new cars and watched them flex
Wanted niggas to know I loved them before I left [Yeah
I bought a brand new house in Houston, left it to my pops [Yeah
Take the fam with ya nigga, we all we got [All we got
In they face the whole time, beggin' for help
For years, ready to die but scared of death [Yeah, oh
I tried to pop a couple pills, they just made me sleep [Yeah, yeah
I left the house without my gun, niggas fakin' they beef
I poured a half a pint of wock in a two liter soda
Stuck as fuck, couldn't move, I thought it was over [Over
False alarm, nigga
I told the world how I was feelin', my worst decision [My worst
Since this fame and all these millions, they treat me different [Different
Tired of fake smiles and broken hearts, it's fuck the world
Fuck the money and the cars, the jewelry and the girls [Yeah, yeah
They all treat me like I'm him, I feel so alone [Yeah, yeah
Like I'm just a walkin' come up without a soul [Yeah, yeah
I hope, this ain't how they remember me
Thought accomplishin' my dreams would end my misery [Misery
I've been this way for awhile, lost as a child [Yeah, yeah, yeah
Momma always tellin' me smile, she's so in denial
Still wishin' I had some help [Help
What the fuck? Make a nigga run off and blast himself



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