It’s Robby Atkins, baby
Holla back is my salutation
Ebonics fashion, adapted language
Mind a magnet, ain’t gotta chase it
I gotta have it, I got be patient
I’m psychopathic and I’m ok with
My Cytoplasm worth salt it bathe in
I be snapping like storage containers
I be rapping like it’s foiling paper
Food for thought, I put it on the table
You’d’ve brought it but you wasn’t able
We was watching but it wasn’t cable
Weed garden what I call a play room
We don’t bargain, it’s an Ultimatum
Me talking to myself lately
I been eavesdropping on they conversation
We gotta tell the population
We believe that they’ve been indoctrinated
Me, I'ma get up out thе matrix
Like I’m Reeves now I see a lot of agents
Lеan on em when the shots is ranging
Now the speed slowing and I’m shot evading
Neo, I got karate training
Decoding while they propagating
Big scrotum on me oscillating
And the sleeve on me got a lot of aces
Real woman with me ovulating
What it mean to me, she don’t got a baby
Seem to ya be a lot labor
But it’s Sweet to me like it got a flavor
Preach, I’ma need a congregation
Lead, I’ma need inauguration
Reporting from my outer spaceship
Mere mortal still around the pavement
Detouring to a constellation
I’ma Need portal for accommodation
Meteors and a lot of danger
Leave orbit and behind a hater
Bees Knees Like a pollinator
From the Pleiades, you a star gazer
You ain’t seeing me
Play if you want with the game on ya tv screen
Got The Ankh on me repping the Trinity
Go fast when you go independently
Go far when you go with a winning team
Go hard, I’ma go to infinity
The bar, it can’t hold me, I’m feeling free
We not rubbing shoulders, you feeling me
You tryna get close, I don’t feel the need
The start of the show, you could pick a seat
Your mind’ll be blown to a fricassee
I’m Robby, the goat, you could hear the bleat
Flip god bestowed instrumental beat
Hip hop, recording the history
Eyes beholding epiphany

It's Robby Atkins, baby

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