On Me lyrics

I got the ladies on me, aye
I got the ladies on me
Hehehe that's it

I got the ladies on me
I got the ladies on me
Ayo, listen, slow it down
Sure nough
Keep showing up when she leave your clutch
Leave those cuffs, we gone need those cuffs
Cheeks poked up while her feet roped up
Peace throwed up while I speed down the street
Then I put her on the hood and make a love scene
Robby go ham while ya poultry
I got the ladies on me, uh
Sometimes, they approach me
Why me, he could put her in a coach seat
Voice deep, got her weak in her both knees
Told me while I stroke that they both deep
Low key, this the life that my bro lead
OG, this the life that he showed me
Told me better life out there for me
Pour drink in the street for the ghostly, ah
Put hoes and the weed where the hole be
On a roll, thought I rolled me a four leaf
On the go while you fold like some clothing
On my soul, I don't owe a nigga no thing
Do she get the picture, fuck a ho frame
Ma, you got forgive me 'cause I'm profane
I'm TheLooseNun, I ain't no saint
Slaying all these hoes laying no claims
Slaying all these hoes 'cause my bro can't
Slaying all these hoes in my bro name
Saying all these "hoes" how I won't raised
Seeing all these hoes how the bull changed
Uh, yeah
Robby on the track like a Choo train
Everything true like I'm 2 Chainz
You know where she at like a username
Huh, yeah
She ain't hit you back, then it's too late
Uh, trippin
It's Robby Atkins, baby
I got the ladies on me, aye
I got the ladies on me
Uh, pimpin

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