Laundry Day lyrics

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I set myself apart [part
Like you a starch [starch
The reminder staunch [staunch
When I doodle art [uh
Queue up my newest song
It's Robby on the track again
I caught a few batons [tons
Don't launder Lou Vuitton
I bought the used and worn
My worth is known
You should sponsor me if I put it on
'Cause I'm too fine to be putting 'em on
This word is bond
At Crozer Hospital, I was born
A snowy storm
Outside, in '96
Mama warned my pops before
Don't name him Robert
Lil Bob is gone feel forgotten, more
He named me Robby
Creative side on my mom, of course
My mama scorned
She raised me, I'm still my father's boy
He mopped the floor and forbade me to try to trot toward him [uh
And I ignored him
And hastily moved my toddler form and [uh
Was sliding for it like base-ically kinda metaphoric
How I adored him but danger involved when I'd get closer
What's mom supposed to do
Take me all the way down the coastal
Came up in Norfolk
That haven home, Ocean View in '02
When 7th Bay was tumultuous
I don't know these locals
Where I was six years old and put it in her throat hole
Where I was witness to a body with the poke holes
We saw the system do that body children so cold
We moved a lot and we'd spot one in every area code
They mama locked up for stabbing abusive father
So close
We came to bartering roles
The bars is in a chokehold
I'm drawing a silver lining
And marginalized on both those sides of the bargain
Robby, the guten haben
Showboats, I view Poseidon
No uno man an island
Pogo in her body of water like I'm aquatic
GoPro when I'm inside it [uh
So ahead of my timing
Slowpoke, I left behind it [uh
They don't make 'em like Robby no more
Go make a mockery [uh
Take an angle, geometry knows it ain't isosceles
Great discography, ordinary Joe
Their names' preposterous
Lady chocolate
Acknowledged my flows were made misogynist
Making progress, accountable for
Might take an office
Tre entendres
Over the dome like they were saucers [uh
Stegosaurus, chord in my bones
A snake among us
Plate humongous
Forego the bones and face an onion [uh
Wake the country
Folgers, I'm bold, ya flavor funny
You fake the funky
Over the stove, you make the money
You're staying from me
Homie, I'm grown
We change the story and change history
You take it from me, you remain important

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