Do I want kids, no
24 years old
All of my peers grown
Some of they kids grown
Live in a big home
I wanna hit goals
Women with big bones
Stand on they tip toes
Leaving the rear rose
That what she here for
Making it clear to her
I'm at the airport
And I’m with Bri, of course
Leaving the east coast
Land in a vehicle
Land where they clean the pool
Dreams before
Now we seen, before
Ball like keeping score
Needing more
I ain't sleeping more
But I'm eating more
Lеave the door in my neat dеcor
Feet might leave the floor
She in awe like she seen a star
I ain’t even that far
Said it's my aura
Like, tell me more
When you in my car
Then when I floor it
That's when she forget
That she involved
You need to forfeit
Is she important or are her parts
I need a fortune
So I'm not focused on her, I'm smart
Ego stroking, it lasts for moments
Know who you are
Glitter on it and that ain't golden
And that's a bar
She may say it was a date
But I nutted on her face
That's on god, I’m tryna change
But her love won’t let me wait
Want me say
I just love to fornicate
Got the rubber for the safe
'Cause her love won’t let me wait
Wake and bake
Tell my cuz I'm on the way
Baby girl gone make me late
'Cause her love won't let me wait
My mistake
I ain’t learn from Bob mistake
Nowadays, I can relate
'Cause her love won't let me wait

With my own dos so tell me some I don't know
Lost so deep in yo ho, they found him with his dome broke
Had my highs and lows, I just bounce back like a yoyo
Robby, I'm the lone wolf
The pack is always on, though
Started doing the grown folk
And I was just a young bloke
Found out I was hung low
There won't a bitch I won't show
Now I'm on my own road
The ride, I gotta slow roll
That's when I approach and I tell you how it's gone go
Kids, no
24 years old
My message hit home
Fuck bout a hit song
Niggas get shit on
I did it since young
I'm in different zone
You in her friend zone
Simp on
Hand of the pimp strong
Robert and Kim son been grown
Benjamin syndrome
And when the ends come
Friends gone
And when the end comes
May what I mention live long
Women I did wrong
May they forgive son
Hit, run
At least I didn't front
I told you
Uh, it's Robby Atkins, baby
Yeah, it's Robby Atkins, baby

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