Robbie RAPS – Prevailed
Genre Rap, Trap


Feat. Mayday

Prevailed lyrics


I’ve been through some stuff in my life but they know that I truly Prevailed
You ain’t been waving to much someone must took the wind from your sail
Something smells fishy like I am surrounded by all of this kale
Your train coming off of the tracks man I guess that you getting derailed

Verse 1 [Robbie RAPS]

Step on a level they ain’t never seen
Flames out my mouth like I fire laser beams
Plans into motion I wanna live dreams
Not sipping corona don’t want a disease
Bested mcs now you better believe
That I’m smoking on trees and it’s getting me lean
Bringing the best of best to there knees
In COV know that I rep to the teeth
Me and Mayday linked up the payday
Chat shit you will get a one bang haymake
You ain’t swerving my course know I stay straight
I Don’t wanna bring out the toys like a play date
Stepped on stage with murking essentials
Filled up my pen with a gallon of petrol
Soon as I touch mic crowd goes mental
Draw up the plans, outline with stencils
Just face it your flows all basic
Wastmans get famous and act jaded
Then they blow up and cannot take it
What is the point in you trying to make it
If after the bounce your gonna feel pressure
You don’t make room to get yourself better
Your flows all dead heads all wetter
Man get pissed off well send me a letter
Verse 2 [Mayday]

Momentum dented
Heart not invested
Couldn’t lead troops inna battle
Your Bravery rented
Said but never meant it
Half hearts only wanna dabble
Never been frontline in a crusade
Scared of blood pouring on the floor
Alarm sounds off as it’s an air raid
Death from above you’re on the ground floor
Ambush jump out
Stakeout run down
Get down gun sound
Dumb sound rubs out
Any shred or ounce of doubt and clout
Don’t try swing if you down for round and round
Like bullets that fly from the bottom of a chamber
Can’t say what you saw like John Kramer
Know how to work I ain’t scared of labour
From birth I’ve been the new waypaver

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