RILEY – Hood Living
Genre R&B

Hood Living

Verse 1

I remember how we ran the streets
I remember all the shit that I seen
Things you wouldn't believe
Saw body laying out in the heat
But the summer took away all
Such a cold memory
I remember playing hide and seek
Camping out in the front yard every weekend
Back then us where we saw the world how we wanted to be
Somtimes we couldn't face the reality
That it'd be no lights, no heat
Sleeping head to feet
Top ramen on the stove, good weed
House keys, tight jeans
Kissing in the skating rink


Hood living wasn't always a dream
But I loved it
Her lessons taught a whole lotta things
No blessing
Her living it ain't all that it seems
You gotta love it
Her lessons brought the best out of me, oh yeah

I remember them days, chilling with my cousin

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