Rift, Rico, Kid Rohan – Crime Scene
Genre Rap

Crime Scene

I know we down but trust me here’s a thought
Yo I don’t give a damn bout what we got
We pulling through unless we getting shot
I think it’s time to formulate a plot

Formulating a plot to justice
Make the revenge of us be known to them as something to see
If we move on the edge, it better not be blunted
So set it down, gotta move, Rico what do we need

We need a bunch of those ciphers
And a couple crowbars
To break the law without a mac so we can take out the guards
Wе gotta get a pair of gloves or elsе we won't make it far
The fingerprints will never fit in OJ's getaway car

We'll be forever paid, our
Bank accounts never stay charged
We finna celebrate

We're gonna get to that part
So first we hack the system and take all the cameras offline
And then the guard switches his place exact at 8:49

The cameras sync to security just 3 minutes off time
So in the meantime it's green time, aim for the behind, door
Lock it
Now we have time in the office
Take the remote from the desk
And then we hop in a vent
And when the guard unlocks the door we take the grate and then drop it
Now the guard has fallen
With the grate we just bodied him
He be stuck on the ground, looking just like Nate Robinson
Shhh you too outta pocket kid
Just tryna make all our pockets big
So we go later and cop a whip
Yeah but right now be quiet
We gotta stay here in silence
They can't catch us or we're dying
Look bro we're here now let's try it

Crowbar open the grate
Now we look at the safe
Then I pull out the cipher

Let me use it this might work
A 24 for the mamba who's so damn clutch at the wire
And then 8 for the day that we had got our first check
A 6 and 0 for the age of the lame that got us fired
And then a 2 cause we're the only people that we have left
So then a thousand for the money we had and then we spent
I gotta tell you I'm a genius that fills out the whole ten
I mean it dawg I'm so surprised about how well this heist went
[Beep] Wait I got it wrong I don't know what it is then

We tryna break the bank, but we don't like the pigs
After this, no lives as Rich as Rico life and the Kids

Shut up, you gotta try this, better try this all quick
What's the code

Remember when we arrived in the office, on the desk there was a five digit pin
It began with 9 and a 6
+457, but the safe got 10 different characters with lines under them
That means we missing half
Gotta set something straight
What's the date
March 11th, 2038, so 31138
Put that in the safe
The safe unlocked
How does that make sense? I'm actually amazed

I'm just joshin the 10 digits on the back of the safe

I knew it, the one time Ro is smart it has to be fake

Shut up, if we don't pass by quick we'll be passing away
Batman gon get us look out for the mask and the cape

Ok we gotta go we gotta dash do the race

[Alarm] Did I just hear an alarm?

Rico, get the cash quick, it's going off and they coming

How did we set it off we robbed the bank without being armed

Run, run! Wait did you just trip over something

How could this happen buddy
I'm panicking I feel jumpy
So don't let go of the money I stored it all in this bag

This was our plan and our vision, to get our hands on the system, you had to ruin the mission, because you falling for that
You're like incompetent trash
Leave before they use this incident for politic ads
Keep running don't stop
Or we gon end up on Fox

I prefer CNN

What the hell are you talking bout
Grip the bag and keep walking out
If you ever want to see again

Running out the bank like a 100 meter spin
Took the left route I don't see no others round this lot
Wait I see some coming Imma run till I get

My stomach's tying in knots
I see 'em Kid and they, Ro?

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