Richie Campbell – It takes a revolution
Genre Pop

It takes a revolution

Feat. Anthony B

It takes a revolution lyrics

Anthony B and Richie Campbell
Dj we living in a Jungle
We haffi fight, we haffi fight
I swear...

It takes a revolution
Fi mek a solution
H takes a revolution
Fi pop dung dem evil institution
Now the revolution buss out
Who can tek the fight them haffi cut out
A nuh time fi yuh siddung and a stress out
No more ghetto yute life dem can't shut out
Now me call out me infantry
Babylon haffi get this instantly
Cause dem is a sickness like necromancy
So time fi be an outlaw like Terry Ganzie
And let dem know

Me heart a cry, me heart a cry
Richie Campbell tell dem why

It take a revolution
Fi show dem we nah go bow fi dem evilous solution
Mama better pray fi me
Babylon dem want come send fi me
Dem want send guns and threats to me
Me no like dem bwoy
Dem a enemy to me
Dem a run we down like dem a cat and we a rat
Don't talk loud dem bwoy nuh fraid fi buss a shot
Dem nuh care who sleep a road tonight a sidewalk

Uptown dem live, dem nuh come round a we block
Dj! Di revolution haffi start
Too long we sit down, time fi we walk
Freedom fighters focus and do we part
Judgement time, well let me hear dem pop off!
And through the trouble and the storm
Me always keep calm...
Weh yah say, weh ya say, alibi you get shot anyway
Nuh badda tell dem a nuh you and that you never did deh deh
Dem blind dem only see crime, dem never want see me shine
Give dem one chance dem shoot from behind

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