Rhemzy – Melody Riddim
Genre Pop

Melody Riddim

[Beat drops
Fff fff flaay flaay

The intro's

Girl you dey give me Ginger
Without you there is no other
I want to order you through konga
Yeah yeah [X2
And girl
I wanna be your mister
But money na d main matter
Shi shi no dey my hand
Kpata kpata
Yeah yeah [X2]

But with this my melody
I'm still living in a fantasy
Even jazz no give me this kind Energy
And everything is vanity
But with this my melody
I'm looking for the best opportunity

Post hook :
Baby baby ask ya mother
Whether you fit marry me
Come and be my darling [mmmm
Trap verse [X2
She said :
You've been working all night
Working all day
Broke ass nvggas can't marry me
Cuz they go chop but them no go pay

I said :
I've been working all night
Working all day
The hustle mehn
It will surely pay
Just stick with me till the end of days

Killaman on it
My mission was to murder the beat
Your girlfriend's Acapella when she's on heat
Radio wanna put this on repeat
Ice on my wrist
I say my confession to the priest
I had to activate the beast
Instrumentals drop
All I do is feast
Yeah yeah
[Back to hook] [X2
[Post hook]

Money dey come
[Na] Time e dey take
Everyday man I dey work and pray
"Esta conmigo siempre
El exito heula a chypre"
I couldn't afford the Hennessy
That's why she come dey Ginger me
You dey Ginger me
This music
Na my destiny

[back to hook]

MELODY : Rhemzy's sequences of notes that makes up a musical phrase

The sign is in the building by the way
Y'all should just enjoy

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