Rexxie – Fallacy
Genre Pop


Feat. Sarkodie, Teni

Big vibes

Demma talking say love na fallacy
But me I don find love in you, uhh, uhh
Baby no cause catastrophe
'Cause me I don find love in you
I mean you taking me over
Giving me something
Baby you shock me
Electricity running through my body, eh
Baby I’m falling, oh
I’m already down
Baby you know you bad
When you show me something, eh
Nobody ever showed me, eh
E dey go like gbim gbim
E do give me jim jim
Uh, my

Mehn I use to think I'll never fall in love
Sick of heartbreaks, I've always had еnough
Anytime I try to open up
It's all good and it starts getting dark
Only mе no sabi how to cheat
'Cause I'm a lover even though I'm in the street
See, lock me up and throw away the keys
I no want trouble charley all I need is peace
But every since you came my way
Baby now I sabi how it feels like
No playing games, this is real vibes

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