Genre Pop

Rewind !

Verse 1BRYAN•BRWN]u2028I’m the nigga told somebody something and they nothing
Criss cross my path and that gravity get you jumping
Run it run it back your intuition is fronting
Pops outside his pad
Hit the rewind button
All my little birdies chirping saying burn ‘em in my area
Dog you need to hurt him
Dog we heard him better perish him
Pop your bubble got the shovel down the rubble
Demons bury ‘em the arial
Out in heaven sleeping with the fishes
What you doing when your jeans start pushing
You watch your bridges
He’s dying to the throat in case he diving off of bridges
He lying ‘bout his bitches or thesе commas in his businesses
That ain’t my business now wе swerving like sentences
I ain’t here to judge you dog my purpose to get rid of ‘em
You may know prison bound to all these bars that I administered
Written scriptures I been scribbling man need a minister
It’s critical to say that I’m a goddamn hypocritical it’s logic

[Verse 2E•NNCE

These niggas wanna talk they shot he’s here
I let the shawties with it seems to me
I do the opposite and skip the consequence
Fuck you confident we snatch your oxygen anonymous
I name that choppa ominous so niggas know it’s on their head
Come doing faces get broke and wax on enough
These niggas tones is soft they too cautious
I come to your home and buck you stand offish
And if I get that chrome it’s fuck you loose conscious

Verse 3synapse

Man needs to change his fucking attitude
Who you think you talking to
2k on your shoes
Bump this shit right out the roof
Hoes in bonaroo
Dropping in on parachutes
Smoking off the boof trynna get a few
Got some Gucci clothes I don’t fuck with that
Bitches on the nose got a heart attack
Bitches talk their shit now I’m talking back
Shit was counterfeit for some Cadillacs

Verse 4LY

Come on little boy you gonna talk now
Feel a bust still gone have to walk down
Walk walk walk walk
Come to your dorm now you not a chalk chalk chalk
Shoulda hit the gym more
Shoulda hit the gun store
Now your forehead got a mother fucking bullet hole
Cut my hair into mullet hoe
A bitch still gonna pull it though


Keep in mind that bleeding minds
And all my dogs will dig inside
My other mind’s been bleaching mine
Now up the mob and hit rewind
Life won’t stop and hit rewind
Despite one pop and you recline
It’s best you drop behind the line
And watch you block your Columbine

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