Retro The Emperor – Ending Saga
Genre Beef, Rap, Youtube

Ending Saga

Your "paranormal" bitch "ghosted" your ass you brain "dead"
You'll talk to her again, when you dad beats you up senseless

Your British accent faker than your battle wins
Rapping thro your nostrils, you can't "step" to me

Look at both of our subcount I'm hundred "ahead"
Your music can't blow up like a creeper, naw man

Meme rappers knocks you out, like your dad does
You lost almost every fucking battles, that sad bruh
No one likes you biske & fuck you hoe
You got Off brand lyrics & a knockoff flow

Grime dick sucker, you're just a wannabe bitch
You're known for almost loosing to a autistic kid

Calling me A Racist, when we're the same race, bro
If I was in your shoes I'd havе ran away, from home

Your dad omnimans your ass
Your life is ten timеs more sad

You're the definition of a try hard fuck up
A Little Funny fact your peak is my bottom

Fuck you biske, literally Only One of my songs
Got more Streams on Spotify than your hole catalog
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You snitched on me you fucking snake
Lemme spit facts your profit is nonexistent
Your battle wins & your British accent
Guess it looser both of them fucking fake

I'm better you soul opp just face it
Basic flow & you sound constipated
Generic ass rhymes & Your disses ware weak
I found it funny, when you pretended to be a pimp

I'm already at the top
Biske your EP flopped
Myles can't save you bruh
300 subs is whare you're stuck
His father abused him up
Fake gangster, you ain't tough

Your tracks are worse than your eyesight
Lemme take a guess, you got no rights, right?

I'm in the top of the tear, you're not in the list
Just like your body your disses are fucking weak

Your music, makes me shatter my teeth
Cuz that shit is Soo fucking cringe
You catching up to me in subs is just a dream
After this he's gonna cry like a fucking bitch
That he is

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