Relent Less – Miles Better
Genre Rap

Relent Less

Hostile environment
Made the bed of austerity and then we gotta lie in it
Liars are lying
The end come and dispose rise like leviathans
Then drugs then the smoke
I don’t burn spliffs, I burn whole fucking governments
Coverups covering every miles of the slums we sit
I’m just a grumpy
Lord, forgive me, but this cynical sinner in me sees dinner when the drums beat
Fuck when these cunts speak
I’ve come to figure out politicians are lying ‘cause they’re open their mouths
I don’t need hope, I can shout
Though it’s hardly surprising
The ubiquity of opinions of organizing
Where does the power really reside?
Millions of people left swimming
dark liquids, we can’t eat or breathe
But the reason we’ve seen no worth the weight in gold
Would you believe juxtaposed collective psychosis pose the most wealth unequal since Moses?
Prose with no go toe to toe with hopelessness
And guess what? Nobody wins
We’ve worn thin
No god can see
No love can conquer a hate so vehement
I’m sick of being a meager bystander
No point in the meek inheriting a world this damaged
I’m past anger, past depression
Past asking and past being dependent
Done twiddling my thumbs for heroes
I’m ready to run and suffer discussion to trump my ego
Cerebral speech, bro
My needs, they feel low
So heal my seeds
Bury them deep in these beats
I no sleep
No justice, no peace
As grief gets a chance to breathe
I lay wreaths

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